The Dallas Radical Faeries are THRILLED to announce they are hosting their FIRST Gatherette entitled Birthright!


As the world celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Stone Wall, the 40th Anniversary of the first Radical Faerie Gathering, and as Dallas celebrates the birth of it's first Gatherette we want to explore the theme of "Birthright".

What is granted to us as queer people when we are born? What have our queer ancestors bequeathed us when we come out of the closet? What are our duties to our queer future as Radical Faeries? Questions we are excited to explore during Pride Month this June! 


What - Dallas' First Gatherette
When - Friday June 21st - Sun June 23rd
Where - The Circle J Ranch (8922 FM1861, Eustace, TX 75124) located about an hour and 10 mins outside of Dallas. 
Who - Any queer who identities as male
Why - Because Dallas is hungry for a different queer experience. Because queer men are thirsty for genuine connection that quenches the heart, body, mind, and soul. Because we are Faeries and there is NOTHING more beautiful.


Space for tenting - $85
Single bed - $135


The cost of the Gatherette covers space to sleep, all meals and snacks, and access to all Dallas Radical Faerie activities the entire weekend.

*** Beds are limited (only 6 beds are available) so act fast if you cannot or will not tent outside***

Dallas Gatherette FAQ's

What is a Heart Circle?

Heart Circles are the foundation of Radical Faerie-dom. They are a sacred circle where faeries meet to share, to listen, to receive, and to affirm. Think of an AA meeting but for faeries. As AA helped men and women recover from their addictions, Heart Circles help male identified gay men recover from toxic masculinity, homophobia (including internalized) and unhealthy beliefs regarding the human body, human sexuality, human spirituality, & MUCH more.

Is The Gatherette just an excuse to do drugs and have sex with people?

We don’t believe you need an excuse to do either of those things or an excuse to do anything at all. Radical Faeries believe in empowering the individual to listen to their own needs and desires and encouraging them to follow what they hear in a consensual and mature manner. The Dallas Radical Faeries neither promote nor shame you for living your life as long as that life does not interfere or impede someone else from living theirs. The Dallas Radical Faeries DO promote genuine connection and believe that is most often facilitated sans substances. 

Wait, so I can’t bring drugs and/or alcohol?

You are free to bring whatever you would like. That said, we would strongly encourage you to come with an open mind and open spirit and be willing leave some things behind to truly experience what The Radical Faeries have to offer. Think of it like ordering something expensive off the menu of a Five Star Restaurant...the chef did not intend for that meal to be covered in salt and pepper or drowned in a sea of ketchup. They intended you to eat the meal as they prepared it. So come, take a bite out of our main course and if you want to add a little oregano or a splash of sherry, bon appétit. 

And back to the sex bit...is that off the table?

Most Radical Faerie events offer a “love lounge” that participants are encourage to use for any and all sexual desires and urges. The love lounge is meant to be a space where you can explore and engage safely and con-sensually with other men. The Dallas Radical Faeries will provide your basic needs (condoms, lubes, towels, etc) you provide the consent and the good time. However, we do suggest sex should stay off any tables. Unless they are your own.

What is the weather like in Dallas in mid-June? 

It's Texas so the weather can be pretty warm in June. The possibility of rain averages only 30%, but can be torrential on rare occasions. We recommend checking the weather forecast for Dallas prior to packing for your trip.

Can I come early or stay on Sunday past 6:00pm?

Only volunteers who are helping to set up will be allowed to arrive before Thursday. And the owners of the property require us to vacate the property before 6PM on Sunday.

Is Circle J Ranch off the grid?

No. Cellular phone service is adequate, and there is limited wifi (near and inside the main meeting room). However, Google Maps on your phone is not always accurate when approaching the area

Is Circle J Ranch Clothing Optional?

Technically, no but (and who doesn't love a good but) Circle J has over 100 acres so as long as you cannot see the road or the neighbors, you are welcome to rock what your momma gave ya in all it's glory. If you CAN see the road or neighbors, the ranch asks that you please cover up your nether regions.

Will there be food for Vegetarians or Vegans?

We will provide vegetarian options at every meal. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies outside of vegetarianism, please email Wilde at dallasradicalfaeries@gmail.com and we'll make sure you are taken care of. 

Should I bring a costume?

Radical Faeries put a premium on self expression so yes, bring a costume. You'll find many donning sarongs, skirts, loin cloths, onesies, you name it. Remember, this is a safe place for you to explore and express yourself HOWEVER you would like or have been wanting to. We guarantee there will be no judgement in your wardrobe choices and actually encourage you to think outside your box and challenge your notion of identity through your wardrobe. 

Is picture-taking allowed?

The default rule is: No pictures of other humans without their prior express permission. That includes bodies in the background and anyone in the frame who you think will not be identifiable. The idea is that many faeries want to experience complete anonymity without the need to monitor the cell phones around them.

This all sounds amazing but I can't afford the Registration. Do you offer any scholarships?

The Dallas Radical Faeries are working hard to create a scholarship fund to help all interested parties attend the Gatherette. Please email Wilde at dallasradicalfaeries@gmail.com for more info. We ask that you review your finances and let Wilde know what you're able to contribute, if anything, and we'll do our darnest to help you get you to Birthright!

    What should I bring?

    • Tent and bedding (unless you have rented a lodge bed).
    • Camping chairs and other fun stuff to make your tent-site gay.
    • Costumes and accessories like feathers, glow-sticks, wigs, faerie wings. Please be mindful of items that shed as we do not want to create more work for the ranch when we leave and definitely don't want to disrupt or disturb mother nature and her children. 
    • Whatever expresses your true radical, gender-bending nature.
    • Refillable water bottle.
    • Snacks and favorite beverages.
    • Reusable / thermal coffee cup (coffee and tea will be available).
    • First aid kit (baggie with band aids, antiseptic, Neosporin, etc.)
    • Some warm clothing in case it gets chilly at night.
    • Sturdy shoes/boots (Flip-flops will not be enough).
    • Garbage bags (Pack it in, pack it out).
    • Any required prescriptions, nutritional supplements, contact-lens supplies, or whatever you need to maintain your health and comfort.
    • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, make up, nail polish (Showers have soap).
    • Towels 
    • Flashlights and spare batteries (Headlamps are very helpful at night).
    • Sunscreen / sunblock and sunglasses.
    • Lotion / lip balm.
    • Insect repellent.
    • Earplugs (Not everyone at the gathering will sleep when you do).
    • Smokers: portable ashtrays to hold your cigarette butts.
    • Yoga mat.
    • Common sense and an open heart.

    What should I NOT bring?

    • Torches, candles, or anything with a flame.
    • Explosives, aerial flares, or rockets.
    • Fireworks.
    • Firearms of any kind.
    • Children (no one under 18 is allowed).
    • Pets.
    • Judgmental attitudes.