What is a Heart Circle?

Heart Circles are the foundation of Radical Faerie-dom. They are a sacred circle where faeries meet to share, to listen, to receive, and to affirm. Think of an AA meeting but for faeries. As AA helps men and women recover from their addictions, Heart Circles help male identified gay men recover from toxic masculinity, homophobia (including internalized) and unhealthy beliefs regarding the human body, human sexuality, human spirituality, and much MUCH more.

Is The Gatherette just an excuse to do drugs and have sex with people?

We don’t believe you need an excuse to do either of those things or an excuse to do anything at all. Radical Faeries believe in empowering the individual to listen to their own needs and desires and encouraging them to follow what they hear in a consensual and mature manner. The Dallas Radical Faeries neither promote nor shame you for living your life as long as that life does not interfere or impede someone else from living theirs. The Dallas Radical Faeries DO promote genuine connection and believe that is most often facilitated sans substances.

Wait, so I can’t bring drugs and/or alcohol?

You are free to bring whatever you would like. That said, we would strongly encourage you to come with an open mind and open spirit and be willing leave some things behind to truly experience what The Radical Faeries have to offer. Think of it like ordering something expensive off the menu of a Five Star Restaurant...the chef did not intend for that meal to be covered in salt and pepper or drowned in a sea of ketchup. They intended you to eat the meal as they prepared it. So come, take a bite out of our main course and if you want to add a little oregano or a splash of sherry, bon appétit.

And back to the sex bit...is that off the table?

Most Radical Faerie events offer a “love lounge” where participants are encourage to use for any and all sexual desires and urges. The love lounge is meant to be a space where you can explore and engage safely and consensually with other men. The Dallas Radical Faeries will provide your basic needs (condoms, lubes, towels, etc) you provide the consent and the good time. However, we do suggest sex should stay off any tables. Unless they are your own.